All right. This is my Tumblr.
I like reading books and comics, sci-fi and fantasy, and history and political science.


fun fact the girl who drew the boostle fanart i just reblogged is my old roommate

awww my old roommate asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. i have no taste and barely understand weddings though so i hope the other bridesmaids are better at bridesmaidsly duties (whatever they may be)

my dad: george, can you help me with your technical know-how?

me: do you need help copying and pasting again?

my dad: well...maybe

'rugged, mature cheddar?' i don't know whether to eat it or date it

my dad

awwww my old roommate just got engaged i’m really happy for her

He looked at me like ‘I’m sorry; do I know you? Have we been introduced?’ and I was like ‘Fuck you, you’re the cat!’

my mother

We have a clove of garlic. I guess we could ward off some werewolves.

my mother

my mom: oh no, your father poured me too much wine

me: well, you don't have to finish it

my mom: that seems a bit radical

"i don’t know if i could watch breaking bad," my mom says as she mainlines sons of anarchy, "it seems a bit violent for me"

What does the inverted boobs symbol and the pointy arrow thing mean again?

my mom asking about ‘<3’